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Water chiller 4000kcal model
Water chiller 4000kcal model
Control box-Water resistant
Starting booster(option)-Booster makes easy start with small current
Control panel-Wiring with LAN cable and easy to control chiller
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Spec AWC-4000U AWC-4000E AWC-4000UH
Capacity 4000kcal 4000kcal 4000kcal
Voltage 115V 220V 230V
Frequency 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
Current 14A 7.3A 7A
Starting current 39A 20.3A 19.5A
Refrigerant R410a(non-freon gas) R410a(non-freon gas) R410a(non-freon gas)
Weight 33kg 33kg 33kg
AWC-4000U/E/UH Overviewclick to enlarge view
  • Compact water cooling system with built-in compressor.
  • 115V drive system that can be installed easily.Ideal for a boat equipped with a generator
  • Lower the water temperature to 5 degrees by using control panel.
  • Digital display for both the present temperature and the temperature setpoint.
  • non-freon gas(R410a)
  • Compressor with the function of high efficiecy,low-viblation and low electricity consumption.
  • Protected by a safety device.