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Marine Air Conditioner 8000BTU
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Spec AMP8KU(115V/60Hz) AMP8KE(220V/50Hz)
Capacity 8000BTU 2000kcal
Rated Current 7.0A 3.6A
Starting current 17A 9A
Refrigerant R410a(non-freon gas)
Air Volume(Max) 580m³/h
Duct Size 4 in. dia.
Size W299 D520 H346mm
Weight 24kg
AMP8KU/KE/KH Overviewclick to enlarge view
  • Unified marine air conditioner with compact design and light weight.
  • Reverse cycle model equipped with air cooling and heating.
  • Non-freon gas.
  • Equipped with a lot of sensors for safety.
  • Compressor with the function of high-efficiency,low-vibration and low-electricity consumption.
  • Condenser coil with high efficiency spiral double tube allows high-heat exchange rate.
  • Weather resistant type electric box.
  • Air outlet is freely adjusted.
  • Rust-resistant components by using stainless,alminum and ABS plastic.
  • New collection of drain minimize over-flow caused by drain movement.
  • Smoother drain is available by placing the best location at installation.
  • Cooling water sensor which is option setting.
  • Expansion of marine air conditioner models and full of accessories.